Travelling from Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand all the way to Holmsund, Sweden is a collection of leaflets from the Aotearoa Not Is For Sale rally against asset sales in Wellington in February 2013,… Continue reading


A fully packed package from Brooklyn, Wellington, New Zealand to Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden is currently in transit, and has been for a while, hopefully it’s not lost!


Left at another bus stop in Brooklyn, one post card bought from the local shop.


Left at a bus stop in Brooklyn, one found painting, rescued from the bin of my house.

BRO6 arrives to Spain!

BRO1 in Seattle

From Wellington, NZ to Seattle, USA the next journey BRO1 will make will be to Oakland, California, USA and the lucky recipient will receive this superb ‘Captain Archie’s Tour of Ballard’ kaleidoscope TV… Continue reading


More Fringe festival themed posting going to Brighton, UK. In here are various flyers for some of the exhibitions, as well as some extra special gifts from The Performance Arcade including sea salt… Continue reading


The next batch will be left in public spaces around Wellington’s city centre with the first one left in Civic Square this afternoon. In celebration of the Fringe festival, WEL1 contained a Fringe… Continue reading


On it’s way to Spain is one ‘Newtown News’ community newsletter from December, one New Zealand postcard, one flyer for ‘Revolting Books’ on Abel Smith Street and one dried Pohutukawa flower.

Chainmail Batch: BBS

I’ve decided to embrace the ever-transforming bus stop in Brooklyn as a place to leave some Chainmails and so, batch BBS is born.